When I heard my sister was going on exchange to Maastricht in The Netherlands I immediately starting planning our trip of eating scrolls, wearing clogs and sipping on frosty Heinekens all day. Although I was excited to visit Amsterdam again, I wanted to see the less touristy areas of Holland and from what I’d read of Maastricht, it was was like going back in time!


Before I flew into The Netherlands, I had been travelling South East Asia. As I had been island hopping for three months straight, it did take me a day or two to get used to the cold weather. The fact that I only had sandals to wear however did not go down well! I froze my toes off wearing stockings and sandals in -2 degrees!


So off we went riding bikes like typical Dutch people. One difference we did notice though was their definition of a ‘hill’ which wouldn’t even be noticed as an incline in other countries!

We randomly stumbled across the cutest little Dutch coffee shop! As you can tell from my past articles, I am a fan of puns. So with a name like ‘Piece of Cake’ I had to go in!


I ordered a hot chocolate and got a meal! They served my drink with whipped cream, a biscuit and a shot of some unknown sweet drink. The hot chocolate worked and managed to warm me up; I could feel my toes again even through the sandals!

-Jennifer Lund.