I’m a massive tourist when it comes to my own country.

Ever since I turned 18 I have taken weekend escapes to Melbourne, ski trips to Mount Kosciuszko and 3 month road trips backpacking up the east coast of Australia.

One of my favourites, however, is Sydney.

Although I may be considered partial being a Sydneysider myself, I feel its the beaches that make it! To avoid that midday sun I tried HireMe Australia’s beach chair and umbrella and had the most perfect sun session!


I sat for hours in what I called my shade den- I had a massive set up under this thing! I read books, ate Summer fruits and pondered life as a pale Australian- yes they exist!

At around 3pm, I deemed it okay for me to take on the afternoon sun and get a healthy dose. In the past I had always joked with my friends about being so pale that I had to eat sun screen. However, the beach chair and umbrella did wonders for my milky skin and I ended up with lightly sun-kissed skin!

-Jennifer Lund.